Saturday, December 1, 2007

Got Any Ideas For The Project?

Hi All,
If anyone has any fresh, new ideas for this project, we are open to suggestions. Let us know what YOU want to see.

Part 6 - Has She Gone Too Far?

Our next idea for Lupe was to see how far she would go for her sweet snack. I would say that food placed towards the edge of the cube is pretty much open to public consumption. However, food that is placed towards the center and beyond is probably for "private use only". I'm not sure everyone would agree on that definition, but I think that's how we would define it. We decided to put the cookies at the center of the cube at the end of the day and see what would happen. Click on the pic to see what happens.

So it seems that nothing will stop Lupe from getting her treat. So does that mean she didn't care that the cookies were put in farther? Or perhaps she was already eatting the same cookies last time, and figured it would still be ok to grab one, even though it was placed in the "private" area. She didn't even bother to close the lid all the way, as you can see. She seems to be getting bolder and bolder with every passing day.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Part 5 - The Tip Jar, With Fresh Batch

Ok, so we've left the tip jar in place, but decided to use what we think is her favorite cookie... the chocolate chip cookie. Instead of the variety pack, we went with an entire pack of chocolate chip cookies. Will the bait overpower the tip jar? Click on the picture to find out...

Quite interesting! She came by, stopped in front of the cookies and jar, thought about taking the cookies, and left. Appearantly, the allure of the chocolate chip cookies was too much for Lupe to ignore. She comes back 15 minutes later, blatantly ignores the tip jar, and satisfies her hunger!

Part 4 - The Tip Jar

Now we've decided to introduce the tip jar. "Please Donate 2 Cookie Fund". How will Lupe react? Click on the picture below to see...

Haha! She took a look at the tip jar and goes right by. We didn't think it would deter her, but I guess we were wrong. We thought that perhaps the bait wasn't strong enough. After all, these were the cookies she didn't seem to like anyway...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Part 3 - Enter The Cheeto...

We didn't expect to hit gold so soon with the webcam, but now what? For our next experiment, we added a bag of Cheetos into the mix. Not just any Cheetos... Flaming Hot Cheetos! The bag was already open to allow easy access. A few were eatten as well. What happened? Click on the picture to see...

Here's the run down of what happened.
1. She takes the top box and places it to the side yet again. (You're hurting the cookie's feelings!)
2. She takes a fudge cookie.
3. She comes back, and puts the top box back to it's original location.
4. Does some garbage.

Haha! This has got to be my favorite series of pictures, because she actually looks around for witnesses both times she was snagging food, like she was slick or something! Haha! Awesome...

Part 2 - She Doesn't Like The White Chocolate Cookies

We noticed that Lupe wasn't a fan of the White Chocolate Cookies. We were pretty sure she ate all the good ones from the top box, but don't have proof. Again, the next night, she goes for the chocolate fudge cookies underneath. Click on the picture to see it...

Well, at least this time, she took out the trash...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Part 1 - I See You!

Oh glorious day! I can't believe that we actually caught someone on our first day! GOTCHA! Turns out it was the janitor snatching our beloved cookies. Most of the good cookies in the variety box, (the top box), we had purchased from Costco were already gone when we set up the camera. No doubt from the cookie monster. However, there was still a batch of chocolate fudge cookies under it. We didn't think that Lupe, (the name we've assigned her), would have gone for those, but instead, finish off the White Chocolate Chunk Cookies. We were wrong as you can see from these series of pictures. Click on the picture to see the animated gif.

Oh, it was a great feeling to catch this on camera. Our suspicions were validated. She didn't even empty out the garbage cans?!? What's up with that? Just came over and freeloaded off of us. But what next? We weren't pissed off really. We were more amused than anything. We thought we might have some fun now and do a few experiments...